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It happens to my mother almost every day -- people are constantly surprised when they find out she's 58 years old. They marvel at her shiny black hair, but mostly her skin. She simply has wonderful and extremely youthful-looking skin.

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Some of the biggest beauty trends in recent memory BB creams, anyone? I went in search for some of the best Asian beauty secrets to learn how to incorporate them into my current routine. Brush your skin.

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Asians have always been envied of their beautiful skin. When the BB creams hit the market many women thanked Korea for giving such a beautiful multifunction product. Get beauty secrets that are customized based on your skin type.

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Of all the contributions the Asian beauty trend has made to the Western beauty scene, the glorification of dewy skin may be the most impactful. But though it appears effortless, bare ish skin with that coveted dewy finish does take work. By far the most critical thing you can do to achieve the dewy look is to pack your skin full of hydration.

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Skip navigation! Dewy, luminous skin is as much the standard as it is an art form in South Korea — and "dewy" is not to be confused with the dreaded in North America, at least oily or shiny face. In fact, there's a huge difference here: South Korean women want beauty that is healthy, hydrated, and poreless — not the kind that looks like you simply rolled out of bed greasy.

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She would be thin, of course, and her skin would be pale, unlined, babyish in its softness and porelessness. Her hair would be thick, shiny, black or dark brown, preferably straight, and certainly long. You would be able to paint her in just two swipes of gouache, a figure as unspecific as she is iconic: a knife-slash blade of ink for her torso, a brushstroke of black for her hair.

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If you've spent any amount of time on the Instagram explore page, chances are you've seen some pretty dramatic beauty transformations. However, a new trend originating from asian beauty lovers called "viral asian makeup transformations" will put every run-of-the-mill beauty challenge to shame. People are drastically altering their features with the help of products like spray-on sunscreen, tape, and scar wax.

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But where did all of this come from? Some western media outlets like to report that this desire to have clear, white skin is a reflection on East Asians wanting to look more European. However, these hypotheses barely scratch the surface when discussing the origin of the pale skin beauty standards.

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How many steps are there in your beauty regime? And now, the whole world is looking to the East for more skincare secrets — including an to step beauty regime. For a genuine Asian skincare regime, look to sites like laalaa.

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As a woman of color, sometimes finding makeup is a less than ideal task. Sometimes, finding foundation to perfectly match your skin tone perfectly means going between oranges, yellows, pinks, and other colors that nowhere near compliment your skin tone. Adding in being an Asian woman can sometimes extend the confusion for products as not all brands have traditionally created products for the demographic.


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