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Intense tropical rainfall continues in portions of Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana from the remnants of Imelda. These additional rains will only compound ongoing issues with flooding. The heavy rain focus will gradually shift to the ArkLaTex region on Friday.

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Download our Tornado Activity Sheet. Find out how to build your own safe room. The following are some tips to help you prepare your home and family for a tornado: What to do if you are in your home during a Tornado: Go to the lowest level of the home, an inner hallway, or smaller inner room without windows, such as a closet or bathroom.

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The annually recurring devastating tornado attacks in US Tornado Alley raise an important question: Can we eliminate the major tornado threat in Tornado Alley? Some people may claim that such a question is beyond imagination as people are powerless in facing violent tornadoes. However, according to Professor Rongjia Tao's recent publication in IJMPBhuman beings are not powerless on this issue: if we build three east-west great walls in Tornado Alley, we will eliminate major tornado threat there forever.

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Where do tornadoes come from? Tornadoes come from the energy released in a thunderstorm. As powerful as they are, tornadoes account for only a tiny fraction of the energy in a thunderstorm. What makes them dangerous is that their energy is concentrated in a small area, perhaps only a hundred yards across.

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AP - As crews work to clean up damage left behind by three destructive tornadoes, Sioux Falls officials say the city may next have to deal with flooding. In a special briefing Thursday morning, National Weather Service Meteorologist Todd Heitkamp said recent rains are causing rivers in the area to swell. He said people whose homes flooded in March, particularly those along the Big Sioux River and Skunk River, need to be prepared for possible flooding.

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Possibly a significant tornado, comparable to a tornado in the same area March 27, The tornado struck the brand new baseball park, located where Saint James Court is today, built to host Louisville's new National League baseball team, the Louisville Grays. The park was badly damaged, just 12 days before the season's Opening Day.

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Tornado watches on the rise in your area? Across the U. Tornadoes can — and do — form anywhere.

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Firefighters captured video of a twister touching down in Pender County, North Carolina as Dorian moved past the coast. The National Hurricane Center said Dorian was a Category 3 storm as of Thursday morning, with maximum sustained winds at mph. It was moving north at 7 mph and located about 70 miles south-southeast of Charleston, South Carolina. Several tornado warnings were issued by the National Weather Service along the outer bands of the storm.

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The Enhanced Fujita scale EF-Scale rates the intensity of tornadoes in some countries, including the United States and Canadabased on the damage they cause. The Enhanced Fujita scale replaced the decommissioned Fujita scale that was introduced in by Tetsuya Theodore Fujita. It was revised to reflect better examinations of tornado damage surveys, in order to align wind speeds more closely with associated storm damage.

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Tornadoes are rated by the havoc they inflict, on a scale of 1 to 5. But to fully comprehend this scale, you have to see the aftermath. After a tornado is reported, the National Weather Service deploys storm survey teams to analyze the damage.